"Dila cepat gila you move on?" & "Dila why you diam je tak tweet emo or cakap about him, you dah move on ke?" And, "Dila, dia dah move on" & "Dila, your ex always tweet and skype with girls" & "Weh, dia always lepak with girls now" & "Beb, dia dah smoke balik, dulu dah promise with you taknak smoke kan?"  & "Dila, dia always on the phone with girls do now" and bla bla bla... Dude, tak semestinya if kita diam je kita tak sedih, tak emo, tak cakap about him maksudnya kita terus lupa dia, terus move on? Perlu ke nak show off dekat semua orang that kita tengah sedih? Simpan sorang sorang dah lah. And about "him" tu....... Dude motif? Biar dia lah dia nak buat apa pun? Ada kena mengena with me ke? Oh and wait wait.. about "move on" tu, setakat ni i takdalah lagi lepak with boys sana sini or what. So yeah, pandai pandai lah fikir. And lagipun we're not together dah lama dah so its up to him lah, dia happy with his life. Ni tak habis habis if pasal relationship je semua girls yang salah? Think first. 
Move on.

Hi. I know we were not together for a long time. We're not enemies, we're not friends. We're just strangers with some memories. You aren't a mistake, you're just a lesson. You said you loved me, but you broke my heart. Not once, but several times. You broke so many promises along with my heart. You played with my emotions. You changed me. You've taught me and showed me many things. You've taught me that to be strong to faces the heart broken, the person who makes you happiest is the most person who can hurt you most, to be careful the next time if i fall in love and everything. And dear ex boyfriend, Can you just stop tweet like all this shit happened to us because of me? I think you already know why we're like this. So, please behave yourself Its time to move on dila. You deserve more better girl :')

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